Pharmaceutical, Medical, Cosmetics Firms,
Sauce producers, International Suppliers,
Food wholesalers and intermediary organizations
At an altitude of 830, 6.5 acres closed, In our 4,5-acre open greenhouse (it can be turned indoors if desired). Heating and irrigation system of our greenhouse; Since our greenhouse is made with geothermal heat and irrigation technology, When Winter's night is between -10 and -25, The night temperature of our greenhouse is +15 to +18 degrees. Irrigation is done with control mechanism as hot and marrow.

We grow Sweet Basil (Reyhan) and Basil on request. We can meet your orders of 8-10 tons per month, maximum 150 tons per year. Your orders must be specified in tons. It is packaged in desired values as age. We can make annual agreements with corporate companies.

Apart from the production of basil and basil, Upon the request of a serious and reliable company, we can grow useful herbs, tropical fruits, vegetables. We can do demo work first so that you can see the quality and values of the products closely. If you are satisfied with the demo product, we can make an annual agreement. Our sales; US Dollar, Euro, Pound is done. For Turkey; Sales are made depending on US Dollar or Euro indices. Pricing will be made according to your demand.
Would you like PESTO SAUCE?
Have you tried basil pasta sauce?
Sauce manufacturing companies are welcome.

The products we are working on demo works;
In the past two years, demo applications of many products have been made. Product qualities have obtained positive results from individuals and official institutions.

The products we are working on demo works;
Strawberry, Tomato, Plum, Raspberry, Banana, Black fig, Yellow fig, Melon, Peach, Apricot, Cherry,

Among the tropical products;
Lychee, Lavender, Saffron, Mango, Pitaya, Guava, Aronia, African Geranium, Jojoba,
Alligator pear, Milk jujube, Pomela, Dragon fruit, Passage fruit, Pineapple, Carambola, Mangosteen, Rambutan, Jack fruit, Black berry, Papaya, Granadilla, Sweet lemon, Kiwano, Durian, Star fruit, Water apple, Longan, we can grow products, etc. Apart from these, we can also grow the desired products.

We produce useful and medicinal herbs, vegetables, fruits and tropical fruits for 12 months. If you want to buy products for 12 months continuously and to make new applications, will be answered as soon as possible when you send mail in detail.

In our 10-decare open greenhouse, planting kidney beans started. It will be available between 01 August and 15 October 2020. Our daily capacity is min 8 tons, max 10 tons.

Food wholesalers, organizations with market chains, organizations engaged in foreign trade, companies engaged in production of canned food, and we can meet the needs of other company owners. Our sales will be on ton basis. We can contract with organizations that want to buy continuously. Shipping, etc. expenses belong to the buyer. We can send samples to the desired address.
If you need, please send us an email. In order to supply your orders on time, 3 days are needed. We are waiting for your offers and suggestions.