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We produce 11 types of Turkish Coffee. However, we are selling abroad as Classic and Drop Gummy. R&D studies continue. We will soon publish 16 different Turkish coffees. In 125g, 250g and 1 kg aluminum bag and plastic packages. 
Due to contract manufacturing, due to the production and packaging machine, a minimum order of 50 kg is required for each type.  If desired, label design and labeling can be done in any style you want.

Pruducts Name

Min. Order

Packing Shabe

Turkish Coffee (Classic) 1. Class

Min. order quantity for each variety is 50 kg.

125g., 250g., 500g. and 1000g. can be packed in aluminum bags.

Or packaging plastic boxes are made with.

Turkish Coffee (Classic) 2. Class

Turkish Coffee (Drop Gummy)

Please indicate your requests by e-mail with your company information.  When you specify order quantity and packaging values, pricing will be sent by e-mail.
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