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Produced in international standards under the control of experts. Annual agreement is made upon request by corporate firms. You will be informed in accordance with your saffron and lavender requests.

To our bank account to be specified; After you pay the Product Sample, Tax, Shipping amount, They are shipped by express shipping within 7 days. To check your order, cargo tracking number is provided.
Used in drug making, test applications of other herbs are started.

Pruducts Name

 Min. Order

Packing Shabe

Saffron  Extra Super Negin

1 kg

Special packing

Saffron  Super Negin

Saffron  Negin

Saffron  Sargol

Saffron  Poushal

Saffron  Dasta

Please indicate your requests by e-mail with your company information.  When you specify order quantity and packaging values, pricing will be sent by e-mail.