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Our company was established on January 3, 1993 in Bursa (Turkey).  ALCHERA, BOOS and LAX are our registered trademarks. Advertising agency, Coffee imports, and in 19 areas used in cafeterias, 496 kinds of product manufacturing started. In a short time it started to sales in Turkey. Annual agreements were made with many corporate companies.
In order for our products to have a voice in the world market, We decided to produce with world class robot technology in Europe. Negotiations continue to establish a production facility in Europe. Also to increase the product range and In order to be produced in three different qualities, Our food engineers continue their R&D studies. 1262 kinds of products have been obtained so far. We continue R&D studies.

Depending on Turkey's economy, we have decided to suspend our production. Turkey for our sales, we have decided to stop for a while. However, we have decided to make sales for export purposes. Production will be made according to the order received. We will briefly produce contract manufacturing.
The minimum purchase quantities for the products we offer are indicated on each page. The minimum purchase quantities for the products we offer are indicated on each page. The products we offer will not be in our own brands. Because our products will be presented to the world market in new brands.
In this regard, we aim to serve our customers in all areas. It will be labeled in the brands that our customers want. Pricing will be made according to the quantity of the product to be requested. Our prices will be given as FOB. . Pricing is made in CF or CIF at the request of the customer.
For our customers who want to see our product quality closely, if samples are requested, they must pay for the product samples, including the costs.

For any questions, please send an e-mail.
Good work
Special for your company, label work is done.
Special production is made according to your order quantity.
According to your label studies that you are using, printing operations are done.
Special for your company, porcelain cup or ceramic cup, mug, aluminum bag, tin, box offset printing is done.
Supplier, Wholesaler, Corporate Companies, Companies that want to make contract manufacturing in the brands you want, monthly or annual agreements are made.