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Most of our tea grown in natural environments in regional areas is dried naturally. Our natural herbal teas that we offer for sale;
Sage, Daisy, Linden (flower), Linden (leafy), Blackberry, Thyme Tea, Basil Tea, Hibiskus (Pomegranate Flower) Tea, White tea, Dead nettle, Melisa Tea, Rose Tea, Clove Tea, Senna, Golden Grass, Jasmine Tea, Rosehip Tea, Lavender Tea, Green Tea, Lemon Tea, Mint Tea,
Packaging shape;
50g., 90g. In aluminum bags. Upon request, 100g., 250g., 500g. and 1000g. can be packed in aluminum bags. Or packaging plastic boxes are made with.
Due to contract manufacturing, Due to the filling machine, a minimum of 5 kg should be ordered for each type.

For each product, a minimum order of 5 kg should be ordered.

Min. Order

Please indicate your requests by e-mail with your company information.  When you specify order quantity and packaging values, pricing will be sent by e-mail.