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In natural conditions in fertile agricultural areas in the modest city of Turkey, Lavender is produced. Lavenders produced under natural conditions are offered for sale as wet, dry and lavender oil upon request. If lavenders are requested in terms of age, information should be given 3 weeks before the harvest time.
Naturally dried Lavenders are divided into 2 groups; 
1) In bunches.   2) Granular dried.
Lavender oil; No additives are added, it is produced in our own facility using 100% of the lavender we produce.
You can request samples for control and analysis of our Lavender Oil.

 Pruducts Name

Min. Order

Packing Shabe

in 25kg , 50kg sack, or optionally packaging

Bunch of lavender (150-200 g)

 in sack, or optionally packaging

Bunch of lavender (200-300 g)

10 in bundles

Lavender Oil

1 kg

 in plastic or glass bottles

Dried Lavander (with grains)

Please indicate your requests by e-mail with your company information.  When you specify order quantity and packaging values, pricing will be sent by e-mail.